Welcome aboard at Silicon Valley # 1 – Yes, we have arepa!

I found a coffee shop at Stanford University, so far okay.

But in this coffee shop, there are options of Venezuelan food, such as the famous and so good arepa.

I started with the beef stew (Carne Mechada), the arepa itself was very good, well roasted and crispy. The beef, for my taste, lacked a little seasoning.

Then I tasted the cheese and ham arepa. Lighter than the previous one.

So I ordered what they called the Breakfast Arepa, an adaptation for an arepa stuffed with eggs and gouda cheese.

Lastly I tasted Perico, which comes with beef and eggs.

Of course, on the first day, I satisfied my curiosity asking why a coffee that most of the attendants are Mexican would have Venezuelan food.

It’s simple, the coffee shop owners are from Venezuela!

Coupa Café was founded in Palo Alto in 2004 by two Venezuelan brothers Camelia e Jean Paul Coupal.
Owners are concerned about sustainable agricultural practices and organic ingredients, so they seek to support local farmers. It has coffee from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia and India.
There are two stores in Palo Alto downtown and five more at Stanford University.

The coffee is famous because it is said that Steve Jobs (Apple) and Sergen Brin (Google) have visited the place.
Even the cup with the coffee shop logo, appeared in the movies The Social Network and The Muppets.
On the film Social Network, there was a possibility that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), visited the store at Palo Alto and the campus at Stanford According to the coffee partner, Facebook is a customer of Coupa.

For those who like a sweet, there is also a delicious cake (tres leches). Egg-based cake and three milks: condensed, cream and evaporated.

Official Site: Coupa Cafe

Travel, enjoy life and be happy!

Photos / Posted by: Evandro Silva

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