Presentation of wines from Sicily (Remember Sweet?)

Recently I attended a dinner at the Hotel Unique in São Paulo, for a presentation of wines from the region of Agrigento in Sicily. Promoted by the importer Wine Lovers, who brought to Brazil the wines of Winery D’Alessandro.Represented by Daniel Lizza, trade representative of the winery and the famous Italian sommelière Adua Villa, who once was the ambassador of wine.
Tonight they were presented to journalists and guests five wines, 3 white and 2 reds.
What surprised me most was the quality of white. I believe that I had not tasted white from Sicily, and because of that I was very enthusiastic with what tasted.

I can tell something about them …

Inzolia 2010, a fruity a wine that brings notes of pear, passion fruit and lime.The palate remind the same fruits with a touch of honey. It’s pretty cool and has good acidity.

Catarrato 2010, elegant smell, touches of honey, ripe passion fruit and white flowers. In the mouth pure fruit compote (pineapple), but elegant and gourmet.
This particular one was my favorite!

Grillo 2010, fresh citrus fruit and mineral. In the mouth it is fresh and elegant. It also brings the same citrus notes from the nose to the mouth. A wine that needs no accompaniment.

Nero d’Avola IGT 2009, the nose brings notes of red flower, cherry and tobacco. In the mouth it is still new. reminds notes of cherry, mineral and a touch of coffee after a time in the cup. 100% Nero d’Avola is not made in barrels.

Nero d’Avola / Syrah 2009, the nose remind notes of red flower, cassis, tobacco and black fruit. In the mouth it has good acidity, it is well balanced and powerful. It also brings notes of black fruit and a sweet touch from the Syrah. After a while the glass of wine reminds me an explosion of flavors. In particular reminded me of an episode of the famous English chef Jamie Oliver, which was preparing a fresh strawberry jam, he added sugar and crushed it with his hands. Each time I took the cup to my nose I come to my mind the image of that strawberry jam. Well, I don’t need to say anything more! It is a very interesting wine that made this person, who is writing to you, truly stop in the middle of the dinner and dream …
Produced with 65% Nero d’Avola, 35% Syrah, spends 8 months in French barrels and 10-12 in the bottle.

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Photos courtesy of Jeriel Costa (Jeriel blog)

More information:
Wine Lovers –
d’Alessandro Azienda Agricola –

Thank you for the invitation and would like to congratulate the Wine Lovers for the wine choice.


Edition: Evandro Silva / Francisco Stredel

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