ExpoVinis 2012, leaner!

Last monday I was in Expovinis 2012, an event that ocurs in Expo Center Norte, São Paulo until Apr 26th. My first impression was that the event this year is smaller and because of this “leaner”. Importer Stands smaller and crowded. One positive point in favor for the French wine sector that seemed to get more space. If you wanted to eat, was almost an impossible mission, moreover I found only one option to eat. But this problem doesn´t happen only here in ExpoVinis, you will find the same problems in other big events, but to a lesser scale.
About the “Safeguard” I felt that the brazilians wineries are not impacted or a greater repression, only a little pacific moviment of some people wearing a black belt in their arms in protest.
Like last year little things changed, the care and handling with the consumer continue the same. I got myself thiking about that one consumer that will be hungry for knowlodge and will find a beautifull girl at the front door like a bodyguard. 
I think that the ExpoVinis should find a course, should be a professional event or be better prepared to receive the consumer.
The wine market is there, grows day by day but without organization, as a big city, and we who are part of it feel the impacts. 


Edition: Evandro Silva

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