Wine Newsletter #9 (VinIsud 2012) – English

This Monday started in Montpellier (southern France) the Vinisud 2012. Fair to be held from 20 to 22/february. An event that occurs every two years and brings together the Mediterranean vineyards. With the strong presence of French producers of Languedoc, Roussillon, Provence, Rhone Valley, and Corse Sud-Ouest.Of course, there is also the presence of other countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and others.
The Vinisud has a great appeal because it is a showcase of the wine world, adding that exposes all regions at the fair, representing 50% of world production.

Some producers are already known here as the blog Chateu de L’Escarelle who is always on the stand of the Vins de Provence, already well represented and Valle du Rhone Domaine Clavel, a producer who was visited in 2011.


Edition: Evandro Silva / Francisco Stredel

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