The Sites / Blog wines more accessed in Brazil

Already In his second year was released the list of wine Sites / Blogs more accessed in Brazil in 2011. Posted by Oscar Daudt from the Enoeventos, where he made a data analysis from an American company, Alexa, specialized in Internet traffic (The WebInformation Company.) American company that classify more than 30 million pages in 125 countries.
In this list we can find out few surprises like blogs that skyrocketed and even those newly arrived and making their presence.
The election gathers data from the last 3 months and we unfortunately we published very little in those months because of other activities.
Anyway we had a good position among the 70 sites evaluated, we get the 38th position. In Brazil it is estimated that there are more than 400 wine sites. The lesson that we draw is that the reader has recognized our work, even with some difficulty we took a little bit of the wine world that accompanies us.

We would like to thank everybody who contributed either with opinion or even with a peek on the blog.

We write for pleasure and passion, the reward is the recognition of the reader!


Edition: Evandro Silva / Francisco Stredel

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