Retrospectiva 2011 Parte IV (Wine Newsletter)

Este ano tivemos mais uma estréia, o nosso “Wine newsletter”. Uma forma rápida e simples de trazer algumas noticías do mundo do vinho até o leitor. Vejam algumas: Wine newsletter #1 (Português) Wine newsletter #2 (Português) Wine newsletter #3 (Português) Wine Newsletter #4 (Vinhos Brasileiros no El Corte Inglés) Wine newsletter #5 (Evento Word Wine e Viña Bisquertt) Wine Newsletter #6 (Miolo concretiza fusão) Wine Newsletter #7 (Vinhos em Minas?) tin-tin Edição: Evandro Silva / Francisco Stredel Continuar lendo Retrospectiva 2011 Parte IV (Wine Newsletter)

Wine newsletter #2 (English)

Wine in the Stadium? Today I went to watch the game between ( Chelsea x Bayer Leverkusen ) of the Champions League Cup and I saw something very interesting. Before the game, I stopped at the bar of the Stadium and I bought a hot-dog. When I went to get a drink, what did I see? Wine! On the price list I saw white wine and red in small bottles for £4,50 each. If I compare it to the supermarket here, it isn´t cheap. I payed £2,59 for a Rosso Puglia 2010. Anyway this is valid, I liked this idea, so I didn´t drink, … Continuar lendo Wine newsletter #2 (English)