Panas on the Street – Episode 3 (Fish and Chips)

Welcome to our third episode of “Panas on the Street.”
After tasting sparkling with pastel and pizza at the museum, we will bring for you in this new chapter an English dish: Fish and Chips.
A very popular British dish in the 19th century, where for many years was eaten wrapped in a paper sheet, this dish is very famous. Go to England and do not eat fish and chips or fish and fries (reference to the French potatoes cut) is almost a heresy.
In London, we can usually find these dishes in some restaurants, street tents and in pubs around the city. Usually accompanied by a good beer, but not always cold, this dish is simple but delicious. And it was in a pub in London that we decided to prove it, let’s see!


Wine: Barossa Valley Estate E Minor, Chardonnay, Austrália
Food : Fish and Chips
Local: Pub Black Lion (London)


Edition: Evandro Silva / Francisco Stredel

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